About us

Stack of wooden pegs with words of personal and business development, from idea and vision to growth and success.

What we do

Building on our impressive track record of bringing circa £1.5M per year, through successful bidding to the voluntary sector, LTEN also provides a range of targeted support and opportunities to its members. This enables them to sustain and deliver high quality services.

LTEN also collaborates on regional, national and transnational projects contributing its expertise and experience of working with diverse communities.

LTEN offers

We are committed to

  • Building on our impressive track record of bringing substantial financial resources to the voluntary and community sector through successful funding bids.
  • Promoting sustainability and resilience in communities and developing creative and innovative processes, models and tools for quality service delivery.
  • Working with policy makers to influence systemic change and sustainable investment in community-based organisations.
  • Promoting people-based regeneration, economic development and social inclusion.

Our services

Bids and tenders

We provide continuous support for teams and individuals working on bids and offer training and templates for your continuous professional development.

Evaluation & Measuring Impact

Evaluation and Measuring Impact are integral parts of all project and programme delivery. They are key aspects of the performance improvement agenda required by funders.

Project Management, Monitoring & QA

The successful delivery of training, community support and government programmes depend on strong and effective voluntary and community organisations.

Benefit from our support