Positive TurnAround Ex-offenders Project


Positive TurnAround Ex-offenders Project (October 2020 - 2023) Funded by GLA & ESF

This into work programme targets Ex-offenders across London

Positive TurnAround Ex-offenders programme:

Offers free advice and guidance to support your social, welfare and career needs.

Offers free skills development training and placements.

Offers free employability skills training to develop CV’s, interview skills and the opportunity to explore live job vacancies with guaranteed interviews.

We can meet with you online or in person.


Can I find out more?

Are you an Ex-offender with one or more previous convictions or cautions?

Have you completed all supervision and license requirements?

Are you 18+ living in London and not on any other government work programme?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to those 3 questions call LTEN for further information.

Tel: 07903 1777 03      or        e-mail: info@lten.org.uk   

Benefit from our support