Empowering Women-Human Rights and Social Justice

Empowering women or perpetuating victimhood? Impact of domestic violence policy and practice for Minority Ethnic, Refugee and Roma women January 2009 - December 2010 (EU/DG Justice Freedom & Security - Daphne Programme)The project aimed to contribute to the effectiveness of existing policy and practice on gender based domestic violence particularly for minority Ethnic, Refugee and Roma women. Women from these communities face particular barriers and challenges such as lack of culturally sensitive support and institutional discrimination that hinder their access to effective services and thus impact on their life chances.

Project website, including video: http://www.daphneproject.eu/

Daphne IFT-I-IN (‘Enlightenment’) 2004-2005. Led by the Danish Somali Women Association, the project was a collaboration of organisations in Denmark, Holland and UK. IFT-I-IN aimed at strengthening, promoting and visualising the position of Somali women in Europe. It further developed methods of empowerment to improve their health by preventing and combating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through creative and artistic ways such as musical workshops and sketches performed by young women from the Somali communities in the three countries.