Developing Skills & Qualifications

Job Centre Plus Flexible Support Fund 2016 - 2017 provided support to over 50 lone parents and long term unemployed participants in the Islington and Camden London boroughs. It offered a wide range of flexible support with at least 50% of participants going into work.

Leap into Work 2013 - 2015 (London Councils/ESF funded) provided support to over 353 women facing barriers into employment. It offered diagnostics assessments, vocational skills training, placements, volunteering opportunities, jobs and further support for sustained employment. To date 110 beneficiaries went into placements and volunteering, 139 beneficiaries found employment with 78 sustained in work for 6 months and more than 94 went into further education and training.   

Upskills for Work 2009-2011(LDA) was an employer-led programme delivering integrated employability skills training to unemployed people, thus enabling them to gain relevant skills required to compete for jobs in key growth sectors such as health & social care sector, security and pharmacy assistant. The project was successful in enrolling 568 people, 185 achieved relevant qualifications, over 300 found jobs and 275 people obtained sustained employment.

North Central Support 2009-2011(LDA) provided support to individuals in need of English, numeracy and skills for work to help them prepare for education or employment. Beneficiaries were engaged through a range of community based and informal learning venues across the four target boroughs of Islington, Camden, Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. The project successfully supported 473 beneficiaries, of whom over 300 gained literacy and numeracy entry level qualifications and 250 progressed to further learning or work.

Childcare for Work 2007-2008 (London Councils) provided training opportunities for lone parents wishing to gain a qualification in childcare and access to work placements. The project also offered English language and basic skills support, Job Search, CV writing workshops, interview skills practice and help with childcare and travel expenses whilst training.

Steps to Training & Employment 2006-2008 (London Councils) aimed to increase the participation of unemployed people in Islington in further education, training, employment and self-employment and enabled them to break the cycle of benefits dependency; it also enhanced the capacity of the voluntary sector organisations to deliver quality IAG services.

Refugees into Paid Placement 2006-2008 (LDA) developed a programme of comprehensive packages of support into 13 week paid placements and employment for unemployed and under employed refugees targeting engineering and construction, business and administration, health and social care sectors.

Skills for Work 2006-2008 (LDA) offered a programme of specialised training and employment support to integrate the unemployed and economically inactive (including BAMER, single parents, disabled and older returners); into construction, health and social care, creative, production and services industries.

Step up into Childcare 2005-2007(JCP) delivered courses in childcare leading to qualifications such as Introduction to Childcare, CACHE2. It was aimed at beneficiaries returning to the labour market i.e. long-term unemployed with low qualifications but transferable life skills, in particular from BME communities.

ATIA - Work based learning (LSC) & GATEWAY INTO IT (LDA) 2005-2007 delivered the new flexible IT users qualification and training package (iTQ) in the workplace and accredited assessor's training to meet micro organisation and small/medium enterprises' needs.

NAL - Neighbourhood Approach to Learning 2004 (LSC) aimed at increasing Islington's capacity to deliver a range of adult learning at a neighbourhood level through its 'on-line' centres. It offered ICT, basic and job search skills.

Developing Skills for Working in Education, Training & Creative Industries 2002-2003 was a pilot initiative funded funded through the Skill Development Fund (SDF) from the London Development Agency and part-funded through the European Social Fund (ESF), the Finsbury Park Partnership (SRB), the European Refugee Fund and the ALG.

It offered a range of support including industry-led training and support in the field of fashion and clothing to refugees and other minority communities in Hackney, Islington and neighbouring boroughs

RESTORE 2000-2002 (GOL ESF) offered an integrated package of advice and guidance and employment support measures, which targeted training programmes for Refugees and Asylum Seekers to enable them to break down barriers in accessing suitable employment.