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Coming soon a new programme Project Managed by LTEN:

Inspiring Enterprise & Growth (IEG) 2016 - 2019 (Part funded by ERDF) giving specialist support to Start-ups and enhancing the competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprises

Other programmes coming soon - Watch this space!

On-going news & events....

A Free Social Network for Women Business Travellers - - 'Offers opportunities to meet like minded professionals, stay in female friendly hotels and gives useful safety tips'

Research at City Business Library - - 'Also offers events and workshops'

Representing and networking businesses in London - - 'LCCI connect to over 500,000 business people every year and offer members a wide range of services'

10,000 small business - - ‘This programme is designed to provide high quality support to established small businesses and social enterprises'

Doing business abroad - - Includes information on 'winning business from global sporting events, emerging markets, growing your own online business internationally and much more'

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - - 'A cross border exchange programme, which gives new aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs in participating countries'

Enterprise Europe Network London - - Offers opportunities 'looking for partners, new products or technologies?'