Research & Development

Do you want to involve voluntary and community organisations and their beneficiaries in research?

LTEN offers expert support for undertaking research. It is often difficult to engage ‘hard to reach’ groups such as refugees and asylum seekers and voluntary and community organisations working with them and other minority groups to actively participate in research. Through our partnership base we have access to a wide range of groups and organisations, which can add value to your research and understanding of social issues.

What we can do:
  • Develop and deliver research projects with a wide range of partners
  • Organise and deliver focus groups and face-to-face interviews
  • Provide good practice guidelines to help you involve ‘hard to reach’ groups in action and participatory research
  • Design questionnaires
  • Collate and analyse quantitative and qualitative data/information

How we can work with you

We have undertaken action research with a range of stakeholders. We promote economic and social inclusion through the coordination of learning and training provision and other income generation activities. This has given staff in-depth understanding of multi-dimensional issues which affect the design and delivery of services to disadvantaged groups.

LTEN has contacts and sector specific knowledge which will enhance your research. Ask LTEN to cost a customised package of services for you.