ERDF Procurement for Inspiring Enterprise & Growth/ERDF Service Contract

  • Reference 002: Inspiring Enterprise & Growth/ERDF
  • Name of Organization: London Training and Employment Network
  • Nature of Contract: Specialist Business Support/Delivery Contract
  • Regulation of Procurement: National Guidelines
  • Selection Criteria: Most economic and experienced
  • Anticipated value of contract: £140,000 exclusive of VAT
  • Length of Contract: January 2021 to December 2021
  • Deadline Date for submission of quote: 5pm, 16th December 2020
  • Anticipated Start of Contract: January 2021

1. Project Background

The Inspiring Enterprise and Growth Project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is led by London Training and Employment Network (LTEN), with project partners including the D-Foundation, FashionWorks Partnership, and Training Business for Growth.

The project aims to support potential entrepreneurs and fledgling small and medium enterprises or social enterprises in London to become more enterprising and grow their businesses. It will target specifically BAMEs and other under-represented groups (e.g., women, people affected by the Covid-19 crisis, and people with disability or health conditions) in geographically disadvantaged parts of London.

The project’s key objective is to support potential entrepreneurs and SMEs/social enterprises through a mix of diagnostics, specialist and other support tailored to each individual or enterprise ambitions and support needs, to start or grow their businesses.

2. Project Outline

The Inspiring Enterprise and Growth contract will equip 50 potential entrepreneurs (individuals thinking of starting a business or social enterprise) and 30 newly created (registered in less than 12 months) small and medium enterprises or social enterprises in London with skills and competences to become more enterprising and grow to ensure their sustainability.

3. Contract Aim – Scope of the work across different business sectors:

The LTEN ERDF project team is looking for a motivated, customer focused Specialist Business Adviser/Consultant, with a genuine interest in economic regeneration and or small business development to:

  • Promote the project and recruit 50 potential entrepreneurs and 30 small and medium enterprises or social enterprises
  • Work on a one-to-one and or group basis with each individual or enterprise to develop solutions to practical challenges, which hinder their business start-up, development, and growth
  • Design specialist/sector focused activities as directed by the needs of each potential entrepreneur or small and medium enterprise
  • Deliver a minimum of 12 hours specialist support, coaching and mentoring to develop and implement agreed work plans
  • Support the smooth delivery and collation of documentation as required by ERDF funding guidelines
  • Support the project’s final outcomes (new business start-up), new jobs created, and new products to market output requirements. This will include collation of evidence, through maintaining on-going mentoring and tracking of the participants and their development throughout out the project’s tracking period of 12 months after completion of delivery.

Summary of Activities & Outputs covering:

  • Promotion and Recruitment
  • Diagnostic Assessment to final delivery of required project outcomes
  • One to one specialist support covering Product/service and business development
  • Assisting new entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses with sectorial knowledge from business concept to product / service innovation, development, and marketing
  • Workshops and networking for sustainable growth
  • Referral of participants to project partners and other projects
  • Project Exit and Tracking Aftercare to achieve outcomes
  • Coordinating and supporting Project Administration, including Participant documentation, quality control checking for submission to the Project Manager.

Other Conditions:

  • Follow all the ERDF funding Protocol and Guidance for delivery on the Project
  • Flexibility in meeting the changing needs of the project and participants
  • Project Outputs required: 50% progressing into starting and registering their business or social enterprise
  • 40% of new enterprises reporting increase in employment created outcome.

4. Consultant expertise

The Specialist Adviser/consultant would be expected to demonstrate relevant knowledge and experience to fulfil the scope of all business sectors and should have:

  • Strong links with BAME groups and enterprises/social enterprises across different sectors
  • Experience of managing, and recording clients’ activity through a service programme
  • Demonstrate successful experience of working on publicly funded support programmes within tight deadlines and with specific outputs
  • Knowledge and experience of management systems and quality control
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of marketing to point of sale and customer service
  • A proven record of working with individuals and SME/social enterprises from diverse communities
  • Ability to adapt the way you will engage with and support project participants to reflect the impact of Covid-19 to date and, if lockdown and or social distancing measures persist or is reinstated.

5. Submitting your Proposal

It is the intention of the LTEN ERDF project team to make an appointment in January 2021, following the evaluation of your offer. As part of the screening exercise, you will need to submit an electronic (PDF) copy of your CV and proposal covering the following areas:

  • Examples of how your experience matches that of the expertise outlined in section 4 above
  • Examples of any similar projects you may have worked on in the past (or are currently working on) which might support your case
  • Two references are required
  • Any other relevant information which you consider will be useful for us to know; and
  • Statement of your day-rate, which must be fully inclusive of all expenses.

Reponses to be sent to: by the deadline date (5pm, 16th December 2020).

6. Criteria for Award

The most economically advantageous response, and in line with the specialist criteria stated in the specifications as follows:

  • Capability (skills, knowledge, and experience) 60%
  • Price (value for money) 40%

7. Tender process

If you have any specific questions not answered in this brief or in the information contained on our website (, please email Toyin Fagbemi ( or Cynthia Hyman (

Interested parties are requested to respond to this call, submitting their proposal before 5pm, 16th December 2020. Please email your proposal to:

Tender published: 1st December 2020
Tender deadline: 5pm, 16th December 2020
Supplier appointed: January 2021


“For the avoidance of doubt, London Training and Employment Network does not bind itself to accept an offer in its entirety, arising out of this Procurement exercise; and reserves the right to withhold the award of contract indefinitely.
The information provided in this document, as part of the Procurement exercise, is supplied in good faith. However, you must satisfy yourself as to the accuracy of such information and no responsibility is accepted for any financial loss or damage of whatever kind or howsoever caused, arising from the use of such information, unless such information has been supplied fraudulently by London Training and Employment Network; and
All information supplied in connection with this invitation shall be regarded as confidential and by submitting an offer you agree to be bound by the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of all such information.